Oklahomans for the Arts Inc.
111 N.W. 9th St.
Oklahoma City OK 73102
Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
Organization Does Business As (DBA) Name(s)
Organization DBA
Oklahomans for the Arts
Mission Statement To protect and increase public funding for the arts and arts education and to promote policies that support the arts through advocacy, education and engagement.
Advocates show their hometowns at Arts Advocacy Day
Contact Information
Contact Name Tonnie Dosser
Contact email tonnie@ok4arts.org
Address 111 N.W. 9th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone (405) 887-3515
County Oklahoma County
Alternate Phone 405 887-3515
How to Give
Donate with Credit Card http://www.ok4arts.org/membership
Other ways to donate, support or volunteer
Oklahomans for the Arts is passionate to improve our great state through art and assuring quality art education. We welcome members, volunteers and advocates.
Volunteers assist with events, research, coalition building, marketing and more. Interns may assist with projects and administration as well. Oklahomans for the Arts seeks writers for blog or study materials.
Besides monetary donations, Oklahomans for the Arts welcomes in-kind assistance of professional services and supplies.
Financial Summary
Projected Revenue $205,508.00
Projected Expenses $205,508.00
History and Background
Former Names
Oklahoma Cultural Coalition2010
Supported Organization Oklahomans for the Arts Inc.
Year Founded 2011
IRS Ruling Year 1993
State Registration Expiration Aug 2020
Mission To protect and increase public funding for the arts and arts education and to promote policies that support the arts through advocacy, education and engagement.
Business and arts organization leaders formed Oklahomans for the Arts, Inc. in 2011. OFTA's 24-member Board of Directors believe in the economic impact of the arts in Oklahoma and all that arts and culture contribute to the state's quality of life.
Working especially to grow public funding for the arts, Oklahomans for the Arts (OFTA) serves nonprofit arts organizations across the state along with their supporters and beneficiaries. OFTA also serves artists and art enthusiasts who believe arts and culture should be a priority in Oklahoma. OFTA communicates regularly with more than 4,000 individuals and organizations.
OFTA manages a statewide network of advocates, including civic and arts leaders. OFTA provides communications, research and networks. The organization employs digital strategies for distribution of messages and volunteer engagement.
Oklahomans for the Arts is a non-profit statewide arts advocacy organization made up of a consortium of individuals and organizations committed to advancing the arts as essential to improving the lives of Oklahomans and to the economic vitality of our state.
Over the past year, Oklahomans for the Arts connected arts advocates across the state through communication, training and convening. Oklahomans for the Arts led efforts to grow and protect public funding for the arts at the state level through action alerts. Oklahomans for the Arts issued its first Candidate Survey on Arts and Culture to offer voters transparent data about candidate’s arts policies. Oklahomans for the Arts serves as a partner to offer the Oklahoma Arts Conference, serving more than 400 arts and culture leaders. Oklahomans for the Arts provides research and information through extensive blog posts and web resources. Oklahomans for the Arts staff and volunteers spoke to hundreds around the state, educating them about the arts industry and advocacy.
Short term, OFTA will develop a stronger network of informed, connected and engaged arts advocates for public funding for the arts. OFTA strives to build networks of collaborative arts organizations staff and board members advocating on a local and state level. OFTA seeks to inform elected officials are paying attention to and prioritizing arts and culture in policy and funding decisions.
With these outcomes, OFTA will increase awareness of arts and culture as necessary for our state’s well-being and grow arts-friendly public policy and funding for arts and culture. Long term, OFTA pursues increased access to arts and culture experiences, public art and arts education for all Oklahomans.
1. Oklahoma Arts Day Sponsors-- encourage civic engagement by sponsoring the arts sector's day at the State Capitol. Levels of $100 and up.
2. Elected official breakfast—funds to support a legislative breakfast to introduce the impact of the arts on communities across Oklahoma. $850
3. In an effort to become more efficient and better stewards to our members and donors we are seeking a donor management system. ($2,500)
Area Served
Area Served
Geographic Area Served
Oklahoma - Statewide
Service Categories
Secondary Organizational Category Public & Societal Benefit/Citizen Participation
Tertiary Organizational Category Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy/Alliances & Advocacy
Description Annual event at the Oklahoma State Capitol designed to educate elected officials about the economic, educational and community-building benefits of public funding for the arts.
Population Served Adults US Adults
Program Long-term SuccessHelpDescription of the ultimate change(s) that will result from this program. This may be far into the future or represent an ideal state. Arts Day at the Capitol, May 5, 2015 will mark the fourth year of this event to bring together the arts and culture sector. We anticipate the event will continue to draw large audiences, last year about 400 arts advocates to the capitol and includes displays from 40 arts organizations. In the upcoming year we will more closely track the legislative meetings and media mentions.
Program Success MonitoringHelpDescription of the tools used to measure or track program impact. Surveying of participants; attendance; contacts with legislators
Description OFTA issued the first Candidate Survey on Arts and Culture to offer voters transparent data about candidate’s arts policies. This was the beginning of voter engagement programs that will expand in future election cycles. This program will be put into place every two years.
Population Served Adults
Americans for the Arts is launching its sixth national study of the economic impact of the nonprofit arts and culture industry in 2020, Arts & Economic Prosperity VI (AEP6). This study will document the key role played by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences in strengthening our economy.
As part of the national study, OFTA will lead partners in collecting data from nonprofit arts & culture organizations statewide to generate reports specific to the state and its communities. The study will serve as critical advocacy and branding tool for Oklahoma’s arts industry.
Statewide Partners:
Oklahoma Arts Council
Oklahoma Museums Association
Greater Oklahoma City Partners:
Allied Arts
Cultural Development Corporation Norman Arts Council
Arts Council OKC
City of Oklahoma City
Greater Tulsa Partners:
Arts Alliance of Tulsa
City of Tulsa, Tulsa Arts Commission
Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust
Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa
Other Partners:
Alva: Graceful Arts Center
Guthrie: The Arts in Guthrie
Norman: Norman Arts Council
Ponca City: Ponca City Arts Center
Population Served General/Unspecified
CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director Tonnie Dosser
Start Date June 2019
Email tonnie@ok4arts.org
Experience Tonnie Dosser is a highly motivated individual with the nonprofit management experience needed to take the organization into the future. With a background of over 20 years non-profit social services experience in leadership, business planning and development she is poised to take OFTA to the next level.
Number of Full-time Staff 1
Number of Part-time Staff 1
Number of Contract Staff 0
Number of Volunteers 52
Staff Retention Rate 0
Are professional development opportunities provided? Yes
Does CEO/Executive Director have formal evaluations? Yes
Management reports to board? Yes
Staff Demographics - Ethnicity
Caucasian 1
Native American/American Indian 1
Staff Demographics - Gender
Female 2
Organizational Plans
Fundraising Plan Under Development
Policy against commission-based compensation for fundraising consultant Yes
Communication Plan Under Development
Strategic Plan Under Development
Number of Years Strategic Plan Considers N/A
Management Succession Plan No
Organization Policies and Procedures Under Development
OFTA partners with OK Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain for the infrastructure that under girds our programs. OFTA collaborates with the OK Arts Council to offer the Statewide Arts Conference.
OFTA improves visibility of the arts & culture sector & direct connections with officials for Arts Day at the state capitol. OFTA works with OK A+ Schools & Friends of the State Capitol for the event. The Tulsa Chamber’s young professionals’ organization, TYpros, worked with OFTA to train their members for Arts Day.
OFTA works with organizations for training about advocacy, including the Center for Nonprofits & OK Art Educators Association. OFTA issued the first Candidate Survey on Arts & Culture to offer voters transparent data about candidate’s arts policies. OFTA received assistance by the OK Museums Association on this project.
OFTA is working with the below partners on a economic impact study:
Oklahomans for the Arts
OK Arts Council
OK Museums Association
Allied Arts
Cultural Development Corporation Norman Arts Council
Arts Council OKC
City of OKC
Alliance of Tulsa
Tulsa Arts Commission
Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust
Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa
Alva: Graceful Arts Center
The Arts in Guthrie
Norman Arts Council
Ponca City Arts Center
Government Licenses
Is your organization licensed by the government (federal, state and/or local)? No
Board Chair
Name Mr. James R. Tolbert III
Company Affiliation First Oklahoma Corporation
Term July 2011 to June 2021
Board of Directors
List Current as of July 01, 2019
Board of Directors List
Gov. Bill AnoatubbyChickasaw NationVoting
Billie BarnettVoting
Dr. Joy Reed BeltVoting
Bill CameronVoting
Matt ColeVoting
Ryan CunninghamVoting
Nance DiamondVoting
C. Kendric FergesonVoting
Russ FlorenceVoting
Debbie ForsheeVoting
Linda FrazierVoting
Jeff GreenleeVoting
Will JonesVoting
Kym Koch ThompsonVoting
Holbrook LawsonVoting
Roxana LortonVoting
P. Vincent LoVoiVoting
Melvin MoranVoting
Larry NicholsVoting
James PickelVoting
Suzanne TateVoting
Chuck ThompsonVoting
James Tolbert IIIVoting
Peggy WisdomVoting
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 1
Caucasian 17
Hispanic/Latino 1
Native American/American Indian 3
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 14
Female 10
Board Term Lengths 10 years
Percentage of Board Making Monetary Contributions to the Organization 100 %
Percentage of Board Making In-Kind Contributions to the Organization 50 %
Board Orientation Yes
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes
Written Board Selection Criteria? Under Development
Standing Committees
Current Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year July 01, 2019-June 30, 2020
Current Year Budgeted Total Income $205,508
Current Year Budgeted Total Expenses $205,508
Financial Documents
IRS Letter of Determination
Prior Three Years' Financial History
Revenue SourcesHelpThe financial analysis involves a comparison of the IRS Form 990 and the audit report (when available) and revenue sources may not sum to total based on reconciliation differences. Revenue from foundations and corporations may include individual contributions when not itemized separately.
Fiscal Year201820172016
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$24,000$24,000$32,264
Individual Contributions------
Investment Income, Net of Losses$171$140$63
Unrealized Gain/Loss------
Membership Dues$9,040----
Special Events------
Revenue In-Kind------
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201820172016
Program Expense$117,547$140,895$144,385
Administration Expense$11,184$12,405$30,405
Fundraising Expense------
Payments to Affiliates------
Total Revenue/Total Expenses0.910.971.19
Program Expense/Total Expenses91%92%83%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%0%0%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201820172016
Total Assets$58,719$73,002$74,752
Current Assets$58,719$73,002$74,752
Long-Term Liabilities------
Current Liabilities--$2,602--
Total Net Assets$58,719$70,400$74,752
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201820172016
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities--28.06--
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201820172016
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Funding Sources
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201820172016
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions $51,284Contributions $79,204Contributions $96,374
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountEarned Revenue $32,555Earned Revenue $45,251Earned Revenue $79,180
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountGov't Unspecified $24,000Govt - Unspecified $24,000Govt - Unspecified $32,264
Endowment? No
Endowment Spending Policy Income Only
Credit Line? No
Reserve Fund? Yes
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next Five Years? No
Comments on Financials
CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments OFTA will seek an outside financial review when we top $250,000 in expenses. With the current budget size, OFTA will focus accountability as with the official financial policy. 
Foundation Staff Comments
All prior year financial information is from the IRS Form 990s or 990EZs.
Contributions may include foundations and corporations when the breakout was not available.
The financial information presented is obtained from the following sources: IRS Form 990, independent audit reports, financial statements – board approved when available, and supplemental information from the organization. We do not warrant or guarantee the timeliness, errors or inaccuracies. With respect to information regarding financial performance, nothing on this website should be interpreted as a statement or interpretation by OCCF staff.
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Address 111 N.W. 9th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Primary Phone 405 887-3515
Contact Email tonnie@ok4arts.org
Give with Credit Card http://www.ok4arts.org/membership
CEO/Executive Director Tonnie Dosser
Board Chair Mr. James R. Tolbert
Board Chair Company Affiliation First Oklahoma Corporation