Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care, Inc.
1501 N.W. 24th St., Suite 214
Oklahoma City OK 73106
Tax Exempt Status Public Supported Charity
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Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care
Mission Statement Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care provides Christian help, healing and hope to children and families in crisis to ensure a safe, healthy and spiritual future.
Pearl's Hope Transitional Living
Contact Information
Contact Name Sarah Steffes
Contact email sarah.steffes@circleofcare.org
Address 1501 N.W. 24th St., Suite 214
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Phone (405) 215-1400
County Oklahoma County
How to Give
Other ways to donate, support or volunteer
While you can make an online credit card contribution on our website, you can also send a check by mail to our main office at: 1501 N.W. 24th St., Suite 214, Oklahoma City, OK 73106.
Interested in volunteering with one of our programs? You can contact them directly - their information is available here: http://circleofcare.org/contact/. 
Financial Summary
Projected Revenue $4,395,265.00
Projected Expenses $4,115,335.00
History and Background
Former Names
Oklahoma United Methodist Children, Youth & Family Services
Year Founded 1917
IRS Ruling Year 1974
State Registration Expiration Feb 2021
Mission Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care provides Christian help, healing and hope to children and families in crisis to ensure a safe, healthy and spiritual future.

The Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care has helped children and youth through residential and foster care services since 1917. Our name, locations, and programs have changed over the years. However, we have not changed our focus which is caring for children, youth families in crisis in Oklahoma. This history will tell the story of multiple independent residential United Methodist programs which eventually consolidated into one organization that now operates both campus-based and community programs.

We began as a Children's Home on November 22, 1917, when the East and West Conference of the Oklahoma Methodist Episcopal Church, South, filed articles of incorporation for the Oklahoma Methodist Orphanage. At that time, the orphanage was located 7 miles north of Oklahoma City in Britton, Oklahoma. On March 25, 1942, the Britton facility was closed and 57 children boarded two buses and headed for their new home in Tahlequah which became known as the United Methodist Children’s Home.

The United Methodist Boy’s Ranch was started by Henry Burrow, a United Methodist who envisioned a ranch where boys from broken homes and delinquents from the streets might have a full opportunity to grow into manhood—mentally, physically and spiritually qualified to take their proper place in the world. The Boy’s Ranch officially began serving boys in 1963 on the west side of Lake Tenkiller and a few miles north of Gore, Oklahoma.

In 1917 the Frances Willard Home began to serve Tulsa girls who were orphaned, abandoned or neglected and had nowhere else to go. The specific location of the Frances Willard Home moved several times over the years, moving to its present location North of the Gilcrease Museum in 1958. That same year, the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference assumed ownership and management of the home and it has been in continuous operation since that time. When the girls from Tulsa were transferred to the Children's Home in Tahlequah in the early 2000's, the Frances Willard Ministry Center was repurposed as a retreat center internally and externally and a home for the Tulsa Child SHARE program. In September, 2008 Circle of Care opened a new program, Pearl’s Hope, at Francis Willard thanks to a generous bequest given to the United Methodist Foundation. Pearl’s Hope is a transitional housing program for homeless women with children.

Until 1977, the three residential homes all operated independently with their own boards of directors and administrators. In 1977, the homes became part of the United Methodist Child Care Agency, although they retained their own separate boards. That agency was later renamed Children, Youth and Family Ministries and, in turn, became the Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care, Inc., in 1994. Currently, all programs of the Circle of Care are governed by one Board and a President/CEO. Later, in 1999, Circle of Care opened a fourth campus, the Holsinger Home in Enid. Today, our facilities in Tahlequah, Gore, and Tulsa each operate multiple programs, including the Independent Living Program. While Circle of Care has primarily operated residential programs throughout our history, we added community-based foster care services about 15 years ago.

At present, Circle of Care operates residential and community programs which allow us to impact lives statewide through our four programs: Foster Care Services, Preparation for Adult Living, Counseling Services, and Pearl's Hope Transitional Living


2018 Impact:

Foster Care served 353 children through 118 families.  

Preparation for Adult Living served an average of 11 youth per day for a total of 4,230 days in care.

Pearl's Hope Transitional Living served an average of 25 clients (mothers & children) per day for a total of 8,301 days in care. 


There are several opportunities each year to support the children and clients of Circle of Care in your city or across the state. To learn about these opportunities please check our "Needs List" at circleofcare.org.

CEO/Executive Director Statement

In 1917 a group of women came together with the purpose of serving the orphans in their community and it was in that season that God began writing Circle of Care’s story. The history, tradition, and the 101 years of support does not escape me as I step into this season as President/CEO of Circle of Care. In fact, it is this very history and legacy that propels me and encourages me to hit the ground running and be a faithful steward of the work those before me have done.

How did I get to Circle of Care? Well, that is what I like to call a God-story. In 2015, after more than a decade of working in Texas, I felt my time was ending there. The foster care agency I worked for at the time offered me the opportunity to start an agency for them in Oklahoma. But, as I drove to the airport after meeting with their leadership team I clearly heard God tell me to say “no”. I didn’t know why, but I knew I had to say “no”. Approximately 48-72 hours later I was on the phone with Don Batson discussing the opportunity of joining an agency in Oklahoma I had never heard of and moving my family to Tahlequah. After much prayer and conversation with my wife, I said, “Yes!” That was a great experience and a wonderful reminder, God always writes a better story!

Over the years Circle of Care has served children and families in many different ways. We continue to grow, evolve, and move forward as a ministry committed to providing “Christian help, healing and hope” to children and families across Oklahoma. Today we find ourselves serving over 100 foster families and 150 children a day through our statewide Foster Care program, making us the 4th largest private foster care provider in Oklahoma! In addition, we serve approximately 15 young people a day through our Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) program, and on average 8 women, plus their children through our Pearl’s Hope Transitional Living program.

For every life changed through our PAL program or Pearl’s Hope program, we increase the chances that a child will not enter foster care, and/or, we assist in shifting the generational story of poverty, neglect, and abuse. We know these issues are often cyclical, and I’m proud that Circle of Care is working to stand in the gap to help assist those kids toward a healthier adulthood, while we serve children in foster care who find themselves in the most vulnerable season of their lives. Our three programs allow us to serve children, young adults, and single women both through prevention and intervention and I am thankful for the work that our staff is doing through these programs.

Without your support, we would not be able to continue the current impact that we are able to make across Oklahoma. I personally extend an invitation to you to reach out to me if you ever need my assistance, want to share a joy, express a concern, or would like to discuss our programs and vision in more depth.

It is my goal that Circle of Care will communicate well, value partnerships, build relationships, be responsive, and always provide clarity around our programs and vision moving forward.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

-Keith Howard

Area Served
Area Served
Geographic Area Served
Oklahoma - Statewide
In a specific U.S. city, cities, state(s) and/or region.

Circle of Care serves at-risk children, youth and families in the state of Oklahoma.

We operate foster care communities on our campuses in Tahlequah, Coweta, Gore, Enid, Woodward, Alva, and Shawnee as well as a transitional living program for single moms in Tulsa and independent living for youth in Tahlequah. In addition to these sites, we have foster care offices in Ardmore, Woodward, Enid, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. We recruit and support foster parents statewide.

Service Categories
Secondary Organizational Category Religion- Related/
Description Our foster care program recruits new foster parents across the state and provides material and spiritual support to foster families. We also provide some community living opportunities for foster families on our campuses in Tahlequah, Gore, Coweta, Woodward, Shawnee, and Enid. One of our priorities is providing stable homes for large sibling sets in foster care. Through our Legacy of Care campaign, we've built 6 of the 8 planned homes large enough for up to 6 children each. The other two homes should be completed by end of 2021. The campaign covers construction costs as well as endows the properties for long term sustainability. 
Population Served Families Children and Youth (0 - 19 years)

Youth eligible for this program include any youth who has demonstrated they can begin living independently, desires to complete secondary education, needs supervised support with housing, needs help obtaining a job or developing job skills, and/or needs help to further develop needed life skills before graduating. This program is located on the campus of the Methodist Children's Home in Tahlequah.

Population Served Adolescents Only (13-19 years) Homeless

Pearl's Hope provides housing and an array of support services for single mothers and their children. Most importantly, we assist in keeping families together. Because too many shelters cannot accommodate large families or boys over the age of 13, many families are forced to place their children with friends or relatives while mothers work to get back on their feet. Fortunately, the spacious living environment of the cottages at the Frances E. Willard Ministry Center in Tulsa allows us to accept families of most any size and children (boys and girls) up to age 18.

Population Served Families Females Children and Youth (0 - 19 years)
CEO/Executive Director
CEO/Executive Director Keith Howard
Start Date Apr 2018
Email keith.howard@circleofcare.org
Senior Staff
Heather GarciaHuman Resources Director
Virginia HarringtonVP of Programs
Keith HowardPresident & CEO
Sarah SteffesVice President – Development
Number of Full-time Staff 47
Number of Part-time Staff 0
Number of Contract Staff 3
Number of Volunteers 1928
Are professional development opportunities provided? Yes
Does CEO/Executive Director have formal evaluations? Yes
Management reports to board? Yes
Organizational Plans
Fundraising Plan Under Development
Policy against commission-based compensation for fundraising consultant No
Communication Plan Yes
Strategic Plan Yes
Number of Years Strategic Plan Considers 3
Date Strategic Plan Adopted Nov 2013
Management Succession Plan Yes
Organization Policies and Procedures Yes
Oklahoma Successful Adulthood Program (OKSA)
Oklahoma Department of Human Services 
Sunbeam Family Services
HALO Project
Project 111
Oklahoma Methodist Foundation
Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits
Oklahoma United Methodist Conference 
United Way of Central Oklahoma 
Lake Area United Way
United Way of Central Oklahoma member agency2016
Oklahoma Department of Human Services2015
Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, Standards of Excellence Program Graduate2017
External Assessments and Accreditations
Council on Accreditation (COA) [for Children and Family Services] - Accreditation2017
Organization of the YearUnited Methodist Association2011
Ann Roberts People's Choice AwardOklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy2019
Oklahoma Family Positive WorkplacePotts Family Foundation2020
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Comments on Staff & Management
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Board Chair
Name Mr. Jono Helmerich
Company Affiliation MidFirst Bank
Term Jan 2019 to Dec 2020
Board of Directors
List Current as of Feb 04, 2020
Board of Directors List
Carlos RamirezVoting
David BealAttorneyExofficio
Derrek Belase
David BurrisVoting
Jereme CowanAttorneyVoting
Kate DavisCommunity VolunteerVoting
Vanessa DuttonEide BaillyVoting
Barbara EskridgeVoting
Prudy GorrellVoting
Norma Gravley-QuinnExofficio
Jenny HelmerichVoting
Jono HelmerichVoting
Carolyn JacksonVoting
Rev. Connie JeskeFirst UMC TulsaVoting
Brad JohnsonVoting
Terry Koehn
Pam Lane
Billy MeadeVoting
Martha SmithRetiredVoting
Laura Toellner
Jose Alberto ValenciaVoting
Jim WagnerVoting
Carol WrightVoting
Lissa WrightVoting
Standing Committees
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Program / Program Planning
Board Governance
Current Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Jan 01, 2020-Dec 31, 2020
Current Year Budgeted Total Income $4,395,265
Current Year Budgeted Total Expenses $4,115,335
IRS Letter of Determination
Prior Three Years' Financial History
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Fiscal Year201820172016
Total Revenue$4,655,012$10,957,218$7,847,509
Total Expenses$4,088,314$4,133,796$3,838,624
Revenue Less Expenses$566,698$6,823,422$4,008,885
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Fiscal Year201820172016
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$1,531,155$1,460,999$1,146,918
Individual Contributions------
Investment Income, Net of Losses$82,561$2,305,169($10,023)
Unrealized Gain/Loss------
Membership Dues------
Special Events----$76,877
Revenue In-Kind------
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201820172016
Program Expense$2,878,106$2,937,981$2,863,882
Administration Expense$1,051,241$1,028,444$843,587
Fundraising Expense$158,967$167,371$131,155
Payments to Affiliates------
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.142.652.04
Program Expense/Total Expenses70%71%75%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue8%3%2%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201820172016
Total Assets$28,406,347$27,893,071$21,033,287
Current Assets$283,425$311,224$168,900
Long-Term Liabilities------
Current Liabilities$174,778$228,200$191,838
Total Net Assets$28,231,569$27,664,871$20,841,449
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201820172016
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities1.621.360.88
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201820172016
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Funding Sources
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201820172016
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions $2,063,503Contributions $6,592,159Contributions $5,918,571
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountGovt - Unspecified $1,531,155Investment Income $2,305,169Govt - Unspecified $1,146,918
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountIndirect Public Support $915,463Govt - Unspecified $1,460,999Indirect Public Support $634,639
Endowment? Yes
Endowment Spending Policy Income Only
Credit Line? Yes
Reserve Fund? Yes
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? Yes
Campaign Purpose To build 5 small foster care communities and to utilize $1.6 mil to strengthen our endowment to perpetually support the annual costs of these programs.
Campaign Goal $5,000,000
Campaign Dates Jan 2017 to Dec 2020
Amount Raised To Date $4,108,887 as of Feb 2020
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next Five Years? No
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Address 1501 N.W. 24th St., Suite 214
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Primary Phone 405 215-1400
CEO/Executive Director Keith Howard
Board Chair Mr. Jono Helmerich
Board Chair Company Affiliation MidFirst Bank