Emergency & Disaster Response Organizations

In times of disasters, there are nonprofit and religious organizations that can assist those affected whether it be a personal disaster or a wide-scale disaster. Several of the organizations listed in this area are members of the national Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD).

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“Giving help today for hope of a better tomorrow” appears on our logo, and expresses the driving force of the Mission. We strive every day to reach our goals of helping disadvantaged central Oklahomans restore their hope and confidence in themselves and in humanity.
Our Mission:  To provide help and hope to all through the Catholic tradition of service.Our Vision:  To build a community in which the dignity of all is celebrated, and lives are transformed.Who We Serve:  Services are available to all persons with no restrictions based on income, ethnicity or religious preference.
Our Mission: To improve the quality of life of developmentally-disabled central Oklahoma adults by providing them with high quality and transformative programs and services that include life skills training, recreational activities and socialization opportunities in a safe, caring and compassion-focused environment.  
The Central Oklahoma Humane Society exists to enrich the communities it serves by promoting the well-being of animals.
As people age, their need for dignity, independence and quality of life does not change. Although characterized by a strong work ethic, unfortunate circumstances force many older adults into a life of bare existence. As a result, assistance is needed in areas in which they can no longer provide for themselves. Since 1973, Areawide Aging Agency has been the principal developer, coordinator and provider of ser...
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